Nigeria Malaria Modelling Fellowship

How to apply

Application procedure

  • STEP 1: Go to website

  • STEP 2: Click on the "Work and Impact" option in the main menu.

  • STEP 3: Select "Projects" from the dropdown menu.

  • STEP 4: Look for "Malaria Modelling Fellowship" and click on it.

  • STEP 5: Click on the "Apply for this fellowship" button on the fellowship page.

  • STEP 6: Fill out the application form with the required details.

  • STEP 7: Submit the completed application form.

  • STEP 8: Wait for a confirmation email to be sent to you.

  • STEP 9: Shortlisted candidates will receive email instructions on how to prepare for the Aptitude Test scheduled for the 24th of February 2024.

Application Deadline: 18th of February 2024

The MMF Aptitude Test will take place for eligible candidates on the 24th of February 2024.


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