Demand-side Incentives

The Gavi 5.0 Strategy focuses on strengthening health systems to increase equity in immunisation. Demand-side Incentives (DSIs) have demonstrated promising outcomes in improving demand and coverage of health services, including vaccination. Several DSI interventions have been implemented across low- and middle-income countries to increase immunisation coverage. 

Our team has a vast experience in implementing large-scale DSI interventions, including conditional-cash transfers for ANC attendance and facility delivery. We are currently spearheading a multi-country research programme for demand-side incentives in Nigeria, Lesotho, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to test low-cost DSI programmes aimed at increasing immunisation coverage, improving equity, and strengthening immunisation programmes. 

Our roll-out seeks to be experimental, exploring the potential of DSI to increase coverage, reduce zero-dose children, reach poor children, and improve knowledge and attitudes on immunisation.

This is a staging enviroment