Nigeria Malaria Modelling Fellowship


We built our curriculum around solving real-world problems using conceptual frameworks. You are encouraged to bring practical challenges you’re facing into the malaria space. 

The fellowship will provide participants with access to a comprehensive curriculum that includes core modelling content, in-depth knowledge of malaria in Africa, and adjunct modules crucial to enhancing their careers and equipping them with in-demand modelling competence that will contribute to the elimination of malaria and other infectious diseases in Africa and globally.

The curriculum will be delivered in person and online, to afford the fellows flexibility around their work schedules.

To view or download the curriculum click: MMF CURRICULUM


Selected candidates will attend a virtual onboarding session in Abuja before starting classes virtually as well. This session prepares you to learn in an online, graduate-level program. It ensures that everyone has the same foundational learning skills and program expectations. You’ll learn by doing, completing a series of activities that challenge you intellectually while developing your facility with online tools and methods. During the virtual sessions, you will also:

  • Meet instructors and fellows
  • Learn to use the online learning tools and access fellowship resources
  • Complete individual and team learning activities using the online Learning Management System
  • Develop a personal study plan that aligns with your aspirations
Application Deadline: 18th of February 2024

The MMF Aptitude Test will take place for eligible candidates on the 24th of February 2024.


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